About Us

We are a family-owned "micro-business" based in the town of Dallas, Oregon.  The company consists of Dan, our Founder and Chief Head Honcho; Martha, Executive Support; Matt, Head of Marketing and Webpage Design; Lauren, Proofreader and Marketing Consultant; Jason, Proofreader and In-house Publications Consultant; and Julie, Head of Photography and Art. 

Our business, VetteRoofStorage™, was created out of necessity (after all it IS the mother of all invention), when Dan acquired a C5 with two roofs.  The second top was duly stored at home, on the guest bed (to be safe), while he looked for some kind of device made to store said roofs.  A quick check of on-line availability was disappointing, with "Not Available", "Out-of-Stock and we don't know when it will be in stock",  and ridiculous freight charges (thought to be due to size and weight).  "There HAS to be a better way" was Dan's response.  Consulting with a metals-savvy acquaintance made Dan aware that aluminum was the likely answer to the weight issue, and strong (aircraft-grade) aluminum was the answer to the size issue.

The spare C5 roof was put into service as the model for the first VetteRoofStorage™ device.  It worked SO well, Dan sought help from the Corvette Association he belonged to for Other Corvette generation roofs.  That produced C4, C7, and C8 roofs for measurement and mock-up; a friend in another Corvette club volunteered a C6 roof, and the stage was set.  Each roof was used as the model for its era of Corvette, and requirements for each were noted and met.

The results of our research and work are demonstrated by our products - each one mounts to standard spaced studs (16" and 24"); is only a single bar (not an "X" or "H" shape), will not rust, and can support much more than the weight of the attendant roof.  The device's actual points of contact with the roof are covered in a soft, long-wearing, non-staining material so absolutely no scratches or marring can occur when using a VetteRoofStorage™ rack.  Each rack comes with clearly-written mounting and use instructions and the hardware necessary to mount and use the device immediately.  For situations calling for mounting the device against concrete, brick, or other non-wood material, OR where non-standard stud spacing is used, the instructions address the proper and appropriate manner of mounting the device.  We use American-sourced and produced ALCOA aluminum  and our products are assembled and boxed with American labor. 

We are proud of our products and are confident that you will be pleased with the ease and use of them.  We welcome comments and concerns about VetteRoofStorage™ devices; please contact us at VetteRoofStorage@gmail.com or call us at (503) 877-7070 at your convenience.  Comments and concerns may be posted on our webpage or elsewhere in aid of our other and potential customers.

Thank you for considering our products for purchase!